Respect the Romaine! Salad in seconds..

Store bought salad mix is full of chemicals no one wants, make chopped lettuce in seconds with this super easy method.

respect the romaine step one
Peel off any wilted outer leaves and cut off ends
Respect the Romaine step two
Cut down the center
Respect the Romaine
Roll the head of lettuce over and cut the opposite direction. Make a big X in the lettuce.
respect the romaine
Chop chop chop!
Left over romaine- respect the romaine
salad for today salad for tomorrow. Store left over romaine in a zippy bag with a damp paper towel for up to 4 days.
Stuff your face! Respect the Romaine
Top with things that make you happy. I added left over pulled pork topped with a drizzle of BBQ sauce,cucumbers,eggs, cheese, and carrots with ranch.


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