Kicking Ass and Taking Names! Sorta..

Week three says its time to get my ass off the sofa and hit the gym! Woo! Between you pexels-photo-273011.jpegand I, not to hurt week three’s challenge but I’ve been on a 45 day kickboxing challenge from my gym. I’ve been a member for the past 6 months and in that accumulated time I managed to drag my self to class to kick-kick was much less than 6 months, maybe more like 2? OK, 1 to be honest. It’s likely that I have gone to class about 30 times in that 180 day period.

2018 being the year of change it is seemed like a no brainer to get on track with the gym. I suffer from migraines that are debilitating, MF has on more than one occasion in our short time together driven me to the ER to be treated. I am on daily meds and emergency ones but on occasion with even the best efforts the brain vice subjects me to its relentless torture. My biggest trigger is stress – best stress relief I’ve been told is exerciser.

The gyms personal challenge is great and all but I am most impressed by the chains ability to network everyone together across the country. This 45 day challenge had a grand prize and every gym is open to the competition and anyone can enter. I paid my $10 and signed up for a personal challenge but wound up with a support system I had not anticipates as an added bonus!

Begin successful with any journey, be it weight loss or muscle gain, support is the key to victory. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am the luckiest girl alive to be so supported at home by my MF. Anything my far fetched glitter-space-pop-tart-cat brain can come up with, he is on board for me to do. In the past 640 days I have chased more of my dreams than I have in my whole life.

Support makes everything seem possible and no goal too are away. While MF is my rock at home, he is unable to provide me the eye to eye support someone covered in determination glaze- trying to aim for a head roundhouse can provide. Yeah, I wanna learn how to kick someone in the face, who doesn’t? Seems like a basic life skill right? Self-defense or street fighter 90’s kids rights, I’m uncertain but I’m still filled with the desire to FINISH HIM!

IMG_2620I’ve officially become one of those crossfit weirdos on accident and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I find myself engulfed in posts on Facebook scrolling from post to post feverishly clicking Morris Code with the tips of my manicure on the scree of my phone. I can’t look away, It’s a problem. My new FitBit Blaze arrives today and I’m so excited its bananas. I’m officially old. #adulting. I’m stoked to track my sleep again (my previous tracker had passed to tracker heaved just before Christmas) and watch my steps in addition to class and see what all the hype behind the band is.

When Santa didn’t bring a Fitbit I took matters into my own hands. My gym had live

feeling the burn
Late to class

heart rate monitors showing on a screen in the gym. You get a score determined by the time spent in each of the heart rate zones, green for brisk walk or low impact to red for a full run and high impact. I had been watching them for the last few months as they had begun to gain popularity and for $60- how can you not join into a live game with each workout? I’ve not been first in points for any class yet, I’m holding a strong second each class as long as I’m not sabotaged by a rogue monitor strap.

Watching my calorie burned increase with each class is very satisfying and an even better motivator to do more and push to be better. I’ve started to plan my days in advance and have a schedule of what I’m going to do. There are classes at different times at different days and I get easily confused as it is. I’m visual, I’ve got to see it to believe it! Today I waltzed into class 15 minutes late, missed all of the warm up and had to grasp my hands and get ready for class during the stretches. I didn’t write down the time I just thought  I knew when the class was. WRONG. I snuck out early as to avoid eye contact with any of the instructors less there be burpees to pay for tardy penance.

Week three will be about accountability for me. I am going to set a pace that is obtainable as well as sustainable. Strong is the new sexy.

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