Embracing the Night Life

Week two challenged me to get enough sleep by establishing a nightly routine before bed night-television-tv-theme-machines.jpgthat will help my body and mind be prepared for relaxed sleep. My past nightly before bed routine had been that MF and I watch TV or play on our phones until I can no longer keep my eyes open and drift away to sleep, all peachy until a few months ago when the sleep stopped coming. I’ve been in and out of a number of doctor appointments that came to a sleep study I have been scheduled to do.

I can fall asleep most nights with ease but staying asleep is a whole different ballgame. I wake up every 30 minutes to an hour and will sit up, roll over, or check the clock. I’ve tracked my deranged sleep pattern for months and when I presented my findings to my doctor she gave me a handful of bottles and more pills to take nightly than I had taken the whole year prior. Taking a ton of pills is not really my style so the week two sleep challenge has been exciting to me.

vacuum-cleaner-carpet-cleaner-housework-housekeeping-38325.jpegMy current nightly wind-down routine has been lacking and can be down right stressful on occasion leading right to a night of tossing and lost hours. Prior to MF and I moving in and combining our homes, I did as I pleased in the evenings after I tucked my boys in. Even when in my dysfunctional prior relationship when I was not a single mother, I always acted as one. My nights consisted of cleaning and laundry, dishes and dogs. When I had taken care of the home I would make it to bed and have just enough time to grab that little weenie dog and snuggle her into submission. With my new life and new routine I found it hard to settle, I feel a need to make sure that things are done and be available for anyone at anytime. I still feel the single mom service bell, even if its only ringing in my head.

I totally believe there is a correlation between stress and sleep so I am taking the challenges advice and setting a nightly activity routine that should produce an ingrained culture for restful sleep. My first attempt to intertwine de-stress time into bed routine is to do nightly yoga or a light work out with my kids. My oldest has shown great interest and enthusiasm in getting stronger and being healthy. Monkey see monkey do make me happy too.

I’ve eagerly taken him with me to different classes and he often comes with me to thebuddha-buddhism-statue-religion-46177.jpeg kickboxing gym I go to. Yoga has been our go to in the past, its so gentle and user friendly its never made him intimidated to try new things. Last night we did an 8 minute study of the Savasana, the corpse pose if you will, you bring all attention to your body and breathing to focus and relax. After doing a few nights of slow and quiet flows I found that I do feel more relaxed when I slip into bed and have less trouble turning my brain off to go to sleep. The meditative quality from yoga is undeniably the best part of the workout and I’m thinking I may talk MF into the nightly bed time yoga with us. Two birds one stone.

Week two ends with steps towards better sleep found in meditation and relaxation yoga. Week one hydration challenge is still a daily challenge, but one I’m sticking with!

Week three? Get up and move it!


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