The Second Coming of Lemon Jesus

Week one challenge has me looking deeper into the fads surrounding health and fitness and attempting to navigate my way through wiki infested waters to determine whether or not these trends carry any validity. The great water intake debate of last week was met with suggested resolution via a number of ways to increase water consumption, ultimately leading to the rediscovery of the timeless classic of yesteryear.

The lemon water fad is a cyclical trend that makes an appearance every few years as water-lemon-pool-summer-161466.jpegsome broadcast on TV or Youtube makes mention of how great they think it is. It’s not my first rodeo with the trend and every time it reared its ugly head I had the same thoughts – Shenanigans!

Lemon is credited with so much that it seems to be the savior of all and we should immediately convert to all ways lemon. I, for one, am already on board. Hail Lemon! Logically, I can’t help but wonder who thinks that these wild claims are valid?

My favorite claims are as listed:

Drinking lemon juice in water will..

-Promote healthy water balance in your body

-Prevent kidney stones

-Increase fat burning abilities

-Detoxify the body

Detox is a word that is thrown around just as often as Gluten Free, and almost every time its done so flagrantly incorrect it causes me to chuckle audibly. Can someone tell me why my potato chips are marketed as gluten-free? Trigger words trick the mind into thinking that it needs more than is actually does, marketing in its rawest form and it works.

pexels-photo-264636.jpegOn your next grocery trip, scan the shelves a little closer- so many things are marketed as gluten-free. From dried fruit and nuts to salad mixes. Individuals with gluten intolerance know a tiny bit about the rage wheat can unleash on an unsuspecting bowel and can generally navigate fine. Hot trends make products that are marketed with  these trigger or buzz words fly off the shelves and into the arms of ill-informed Suzy and Joe American; individuals looking to have success being healthy and looking to trends for reliable answers, not confusion and marketing games.

What can lemon do for you?

Squeezing half of a large lemon in a glass of water will give you 20% of your daily vitamin C. It will make that water taste better and you may go back for seconds. There are next to no calories in lemon, about 6 in that half of a large one, way better than a soda any day. The smell of lemon is a pick me up, either in fruit form or essential oil (please do not apply to skin- ouch.)

Debunking the wild water claims lead to final decision that the lemon water is a false prophet who leads masses astray with its bright yellow smiling citric ways. The real truth is that the amount of lemon required to be ingested to make significant change is off the charts and your insides would be most unhappy if subjected to such torture.

Drinking lemon juice in water will..

-Promote healthy water balance in your body- ‘balance’

Over hydration can actually lead to death- large amounts of water consumed at one time dilutes the sodium levels in the blood, hyponatremia or to become so hydrated that brain function stops, hyperhydration. Our bodies can only absorb so much water. The goal is to have lightly tinted urine as a result of following a hydration theory, such as the 8×8 or gallon a day. We can attempt to balance as much as possible but the addition of lemon will only aid in getting you to drink the water amount you should.


-Prevent Kidney Stones

Drinking the required amount of water will naturally keep the body flushing the pexels-photo-721166.jpegtoxins out of the kidneys. Adding lemon to multiple glasses a day over time may keep the urine from becoming too acidic and can decrease the chances for stone formation.Supplemental forms of potassium citrate are used to treat individuals with stone issues, combining with increased lemon has been studied and proven to be more effective than potassium citrate alone, however within the same study orange juice was concluded to be a better for raising the acidity of urine.


-Fat burner

Increasing your water intake will keep you feeling fuller longer and may help you sustain a fast for a period of time. Once your body burns all available fuel sources, fat cells begin to offer as Tribute. Intermediate fasting is going for a period of 16 hours with no food and eating for only an 8 hour window. Think of shooting for Breakfast by 9 and dinner by 6. This type of eating fad has limited science showing that the fat reserves are burned more efficiently in this eating pattern. During the fasting period water is allowed, lemon or not is your choice. This could be a way that lemon water may help burn fat, but unlikely in any other format


Again, thrown around far too much, increased hydration pushes impurities out of the body through the liver, the built-in detox system. If you body required rigorous detoxification, we’d have it set up as a monthly doctors visit, set just as regular as your next colonic.

Don’t give in to the hype, if it sounds to good to be true, it likely is. Lemons are not going to save me from myself, but they do make my water that much closer to lemonade and that makes me happy.


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