WTF Water?

Week one is in the books and the hydration challenge went poorly. I had a mid week migraine and the following recovery day was then flanked with a social event and basketball. Needless to say, I was so far off the bandwagon that it appeared as only a tiny dot on my horizon. I made gallant steps, I set up the best SOP I could and was ready to stick with it until life dealt its cards into the game.

No worries. Its all about the small steps isn’t it? The small steps I did made and stick to were tracking my intake. Even when it proved to be beyond poor, I still crossed the three of the ten glasses I’m due off of my calendar. It’s better to track the day and solidify the habit than to be embarrassed to myself about myself and stop making progress.

Small steps are made bigger with recognition and accountability right? An accountability partner is an asset. Someone you can speak open and honestly to about what you are trying to achieve and have them be supportive with out hesitation is vital to success in just about any situation. I believe I workout harder and with more focus when I’m in a group class vs at home, I believe I work better as a team than an individual. Success for me is support.

My SO has my back and I’ve even roped my kids into the circle of trust. We were a water first family as it was, we keep cold water on hand (as the house was sadly not plumbed for water in the fridge) we don’t keep juice or soda even in the kitchen. We were already focused on H2O, why was it so hard to get the required number of daily fluid ounces into my face? WTF water?

I’m sitting at 170 lbs so my intake is about 85 FL OZ., not quite a gallon, that shouldn’t be hard at all! WRONG! Water kicked my ass and took my lunch money. Laden with lemon, chipped with ice, with a straw, cold or hot tea, all got to be to much; not to mention the time spent in frequent trips to the facilities. Water made me its bitch.pexels-photo.jpeg

I found myself almost a slave to the process (when I was full throttle), the required ritual of a glass in the am, one at 10, one with lunch, one with snack, pre-dinner and with, then post and that was only 6 of the needed 10 a day! Sweet baby jebuz on a cracker, I have no clue who or what needs that much water a day but I am drowning in failure and lemon peels.

Small changes, one day at a time right?

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