52 weeks of tiny changes

In efforts to kick start my attempted mom overhaul I sought out inspiration for where to start and what to even start with. For every other project I take on Pinterest is my first stop for creative idea help and while it provided more than enough to digest, it failed to give me direction I was seeking out. I’ve been wanting to kick start this personal changes challenge since October of last year but found a wild number of irrational reasons to procrastinate any efforts.

Wild and wooly reasons that in retrospect are silly and really just lazy. My brain constantly pestered me with lame rabbit holes to fall down – ‘Oh no no no I can’t possibly make changes to my diet or work out more with the holidays so close’ – ‘Hoooow will I ever Christmas shop and go to the gym?’- ‘What am I going to do with the kids while I work out?’ – ‘No one is gonna wanna eat healthy, I’ll waste my time making dinner’-  The excuse generation sector of my brain was on daily bullshit overdrive providing me with a multitude of reasons I should remain on the sofa with a bag of gummy nestled between my glittery citric acid dusted luscious thighs. .

As luck would have it a wind of change would be blowing  the motivation I so desperately needed right to my door. I am part of a neighborhood moms group where we pass along things we no longer have use for –  a Buy Nothing Group, a mom a few blocks over had a book that was perfect and was just what I needed to have in hand as the catalyst to my adventures.

Gifted to me was a book that offers the suggestion of small changes to make an ultimately happier you. Bingo! 52 weeks in 2018, I am going to implement 52 small changes into my daily run around.


Week 1. Hydration.

The challenge is to increase hydration by drinking water. Go figure. The common consensus of this particular book is that the body needs 1/2 of its weight in fluid ounces per day to perform at its peak.

This translates into a 150lb individuals idea intake would be 75 fluid oz a day. A gallon of water is 128 fluid ounces and is the recommended intake amount in a number of fitness articles I read. These varying differences spurred a dialogue between myself and my manfriend (the love of my life and my very best friend is far too accomplished, supportive, and knowledgeable to be referred to as a ‘boy’, thus he has been christened manfriend) where we debated the actual required water intake per person.

While we could both agree that increasing our water intake was valuable to our health, we could not come to a consensus about how much that should be. We had both grown up with the notion that we need 8 – 8oz glasses of water or about 64 fluid ounces per day, we had both had trainers tell us a gallon a day was required, now new information says 1/2 body weight? Three different points of view from the health and fitness community, how is anyone to really know what to believe?

If the rule of 8×8 is perfect- is it perfect for everyone?

It’s 2018 and we live in an age of convenience, I love it! It’s a time of endless gluttony and adventures at your fingertips.I don’t feel like the 8×8 rule takes into account normal exercise, individual weight, alcohol consumption, soda/other high PH beverages, or sodium intake.

I know my lifestyle is almost completely different from it was a short 12 years ago – in the ‘pre-kid’ years. I know that I am completely ashamed to say fast food is a 3-4 times a week occurrence. I am shamed to admit that I drink Lecroix by the case and tap water by the cup. I hang my head confessing that I have been envious of the cattle having a salt lick lying around. I’ve been known to nibble flecks of Fleur De Sal on the sly. Salt it LIFE!

Who was accounting for my sinful and egregious ways when the 8×8 was developed? I sure as hell am not 128lbs(if the 1/2 body weight rule is true) even on my best day with one foot in the air…so who is it really taking account for? Manfriend is a tall, dark, and handsome and is closer to 2.5xs that 128lb benchmark. If our bodies are 60-70% water and require proper hydration to function shouldn’t the intake be based more on personal habits and individual traits?

The gallon suggestion I see every time I crack a peak at a fitness magazine, website, youtube workout, or app seems a bit much to me personally. I know that I struggle with over all consumption as it is.; I think that if I were working-out hard-n-heavy and needed to replace a bunch of electrolytes and fluids on the regular I should think of upping my game. However, for the purpose of week 1 in a challenge I am going to stick with something that it more inline with my goals and ability.

I am going to challenge myself to drink 1/2 my body weight in water per day for the Hydration week and beyond! That’s the goal at least. In attempts to be successful I am tracking my cups and finding that it blows to try to keep a mental count on cups consumed. If you are anything like me – you change cup formats more than once a day untimely resulting in headache inducing hassle while figuring out conversions.

This is my insanity. I know. Regularly this is what my life is like. One desk two cups – cup A is from earlier and now is old and warm and obviously no good. Hence cup B. New cup! When I get up and wander away I will likely find a new cup and repeat the process all over again. I do the dishes in the house. I pay for my own crimes, no harm no foul right?


In attempts to get a better wrangle on my wild and reckless water-glass ways I determined I need either a dedicated tumbler or some format that will allow me to idiot proof tracking my intake.

Have you taken a look at the tumbler market recently? There are companies that will put pretty vinyl stickers on one with sassy phrases, you can get cups that have insulated to the moon, you can find every color and shape and size known to man.

Coolest one I’ve seen to date? Amazon has scent enhanced lids that are coated with essential oil that trick the brain into believing your water is flavored! Oh silly brain, the things you can do.

That is not far ahead of the bad boy who will hook up to your phone and track your intake of fluid ounces by reporting the data to an app on your device for the ultimate in convenience. My biggest problem is I am going to likely stay a cup gypsy and need a way to keep my water intake inline that isn’t cup driven. I decided after much fun finger shopping that I should start out little potatoes and just get a container that matches my fluid ounce requirements and rock that.

I found a cute little pitcher that fits about a cup more than I am looking for so I don’t have to fill it to the very very top. Score! I am super clumsy and accident prone. To be successful at this challenge I am going to kick the high Ph Lecroix to the curb and the easiest way for me to replace the bubbles is with fruit flavor, something I can totally have! Lemon is the best replacement to appease my primal need for acidic things all up in my face, I grabbed a few Meyer lemons and my handy-dandy squeezer and badaboom-bobsyouruncle I’m in business. Nothing fancy but let’s be honest, its day 1 of 7 of 365 so I’m not planning on going hog-wild juuuuust yet. IMG_2469

As for the 8×8 vs gallon in the perfect hydration dance off, I’m digging both their styles but choosing to slide right down the middle.

Have you seen the hype on the lemon water? Seems a bit questionable to me, check back for a break down of the cure-all Lemon Water.



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