Sour Gummy Worms are my BFF

Its sad but very true. I have an out of control addiction to all things sour and gummy.

I can remember always liking candy that was sour, I recall many trips to the mall candy store filling clear plastic bags to the brim with Sour Warhead gumballs. I also vividly recall sucking the citric acid crust off of each globe of brightly colored tart happiness. The love affair was instantaneous and I was hooked for life. Gummy worms were my new BFF. We went everywhere together.

I have since left behind the mall front candy store lined with its walls of tubes promising a number of sugary miracles ready to be taken home. Now I am a mother and a significant other who shamefully hides the bags of gummy sin in her nightstand but can no longer hide the bags of sin on her hips. A myriad of wild yo-yo diets and failed attempts to regain a body that could be fueled off of ropes and spheres of gelatin have left me realizing its time to grow up and find a new BFF.

Heart broken but hopeful I begin a journey to regain myself and proclaim the Lemon to be my new BFF! Small changes right? Little by little, small changes will add up to big results. I know its not going to be easy and change takes hard, dedicated work but I’m game!

So, in attempts to leave behind the ignorance of my youth and move forward to being the best I can possibly be I am making 52 weeks of small changes. Come along for the ride!

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